A Knightly Order of the High Eldenari Church


The Terrarian Order was one of four knightly orders formed in the mid-7th Century at the command the High Ecclessiarch. Formed initially to protect pilgrims throughout the Eldenari Empire, the orders have since found new purposes. Each order policed one of the four major kingdoms of the Empire, though as those kingdoms dissolved as politically autonomous entities the Knightly Orders strayed from their original geographic boundaries. They have now each developed their own unique roles to perform for the good of the Church and the glory of Eld.

The Terrarian Order became particularly noted for its extensive contacts outside of the Church and, it was rumored, even outside of the law. Their willingness to consort with secular merchants, noblemen, and even thieves has been cause for concern over the years, but their unquestioned loyalty and effectiveness has allowed them to continue with their dubious practices. 

In recent years, the Terrarian Order has begun allowing its members to marry and own land--in Arim. They feel that it is their duty to populate and protect that land, guiding it into the All-Father's sure, swift hand.


Terrarian Knights famously wear black armor and carry no emblem save that of their order, a bloody spear on white. Similarly, the disown their family names and relate only to their sworn brothers, the Mother Church, and the All-Father Eld.