The Brotherhood of the Maker is an off-shoot of the High Eldenari Church. Regarded as heretical by the Church, the Brotherhood denies many of the central tenants of Eldenari Orthodoxy, favoring instead a system of beliefs that are codified in the Maker's Creed. Chief among these disagreements is the Brotherhood's insistance that Eld (whom they refer to as "The Maker") is not an active force within Ao; rather, his role, now complete, was one of architect and craftsman at the world's creation. This leads members of the Brotherhood to assert that Eld does not impose moral laws or pass moral judgment upon mortals; rather, mortals are left to their own devices to determine the ethical worth of actions using the guidance of their consciences and innate reason. The Brotherhood is also generally democratic and anti-hierarchical in nature, resulting in a somewhat nebulous organizational structure centered largely around local groups of believers known as "communions."