Eldenari Orthodoxy is the system of religious belief that forms the foundation of the High Eldenari Church. Its central tenants are as follows:

  • In the beginning, Eld drew the Ring of Eld in the Void, circumscribing the world of Ao within it.
  • Once Ao was defined, Eld created all that fills it, from the substance of the earth to the mortal beings who walk it.
  • Though Eld bears good will toward all races, he has set apart the Elves as his chosen people, blessing them with long life, deep wisdom, and strength of will.
  • Eld remains active within Ao, directing history through active intervention as well as through his chosen mortal instruments.
  • In the future, a cataclysmic event known as "The Reaping" will occur, during which Eld will dispel the Ring of Eld, condemning all mortals save his followers to obliteration. His followers will then inhereit a New Ao, which they will rule in peace and unity.